How do you buy an Italian Wine that stands out for
top-quality and a great price?

 Avoid 3 Mistakes To Buying Italian Wine

Imagine yourself in a wine store. You're looking for an Italian wine. The shelves are full of wines. For the most part, the only words that look familiar to you are Chianti and Pinot Grigio. Maybe you see a label that says Tuscany on it. You don't feel like getting your "safe bet," because you're kind of bored with it. 

You're in the mood for something new. 

All you know, is that you want to try an Italian wine you've never had before. So what do you do? 

You either go with a brand that you heard was good, or you try an Italian wine because you like "the look" of the label. 

So you end up taking the Italian wine with the cool looking label. You get home, excited to taste your new wine. You pop the cork and listen to the gulp, gulp, gulp sound as the wine pours into your glass. 

You put your nose into the glass. You breath in through your nose to smell the aroma. It doesn't smell bad but it doesn't excite you either. 

You go in for your first sip. The flavors frankly don't make you smile but don't upset you either. You swallow. There's a finish. You can't find the right words, but the wine just didn't impress you. You take a second sip to be sure. Now you're disappointed. 

You think to yourself, "I should have stuck with my usual." 

Unfortunately, buying an Italian wine based on brand name or "the look" keeps you away from the best Italy offers.

Tell me if this scenario sounds familiar: you walk into your wine store, you decide to go over to the sign that says "90-point wines under $30." 

Those wines must be good, right? Afterall, they were critiqued by wine pros. 

On that wine rack, there are wines from all over the world, especially California wines. But there are some Italian wines with the 90-point sticker on them. 

So you pick up a "Super Tuscan" that got a 90 point score and take it home. And it's pretty good. You're not smiling, but you keep thinking to yourself, "this must be what a good wine tastes like, it got a 90-point score." 

The wine was good but you forgot about it the next day. It couldn't have been that memorable. Did you learn anything new from that wine? 

90-point wines come from magazines that make mon​​ey selling ads to wineries. Buying an Italian wine from these magazines is supporting the advertising budget of big wineries. 

Hi, I'm Tony Margiotta, author of Hidden Gems of Italy, Best European Wine Book Winner, and an award-winning Italian wine importer. That story I just told you, was my story. My life. Until some things changed...

I began travelling to Italy some 20 years ago. I was mesmerized by the landscapes, the food, the warm people, and the wine. During those trips, I would visit my relatives and take little trips around the country.

On these trips, I discovered something about Italian wine. 

It's a discovery that other people experience during their wine trips in Italy even if they don't realize it. 

I was drinking local wines made by small producers.

best italian wine

Anyone who has ever been to Italy will tell you how much better the wine tastes there. And everyone has their own theory about why the wine is better in Italy. 

Some say that they put sulfites in the wines that they send to America. And that's why the wine isn't good back at home. Other people say that the Italians keep all the good wines for themselves. And that's why the wines aren't good back at home. 

Other cynics says that they were caught up in the moment, gazing out at the Mediterranean Sea or the green hills of Tuscany. And that's why the Italian wine isn't as good when they go back home. 

The secret to drinking well.

All those reasons for the great wine in Italy didn't add up for me. Here's why. I've actually had wines in Italy that I thought were mediocre and when I brought them back home to New York, I thought they were incredible! This is the opposite of the reasons mentioned before. 

The secret to drinking well, to drinking top-quality Italian wines is to find and buy Italian wines made by small producers. 

If you read my book, Hidden Gems of Italy, you'll find out that a small producer makes about 50,000 bottles of a certain type of wine per year. 

The small Italian wine producer that focuses on low volume is more likely to achieve high quality. The reasons are many. The most important reasons are hand selecting premium grapes, sustainable/clean agriculture, and a master winemaker focused on distinct wines that express the characterstics of the territory. When all these things come together,  you've got a top-quality Italian wine. 

But top-quality wine should be expensive, right? 

Very often, top quality Italian wines are expensive. But not always. When you find a small producer that makes top-quality wine, and falls in the price range of $15 - $30, you just found a hidden gem

When you find a hidden gem, your wine experience will transport you directly to the land of Italy. Lush, mouthwatering, velvety textures and succulent flavors. Your first hidden gem just may surprise your palate, especially if you're used to drinking mass-produced wines. 

Hidden Italian gems cannot be found at every wine store. In fact, your local wine store might not have any. 

I know people who found a hidden gem in Italy, and they had to spend hundreds of dollars to ship it home, on top of the price of the wine. They also had to wait months to get it. We want to avoid this process. And I have the solution for you. 

There are stores thoughout the country you live in that have these hidden gems, the authentic wines of Italy. You just need to know where. That's why I started the Hidden Gems Club. 


Inside the Hidden Gems Club

12 Hidden Gems

Get one hidden gem pick per month. Tony Margiotta tastes and vetts hundreds of wines per year. The wine must meet the criteria of the Hidden Gem Formula to be considered. 


Store List

You'll receive a list of stores throughout the United States that carry the hidden gem. In many cases, the wine will have to be shipped to your home. 

10 Starter Wines

It's important to have a reference point to compare big wineries to small ones. These 10 Starter Wines represent the best of the big wine companies so you can appreciate the little hidden gems. 

Italian Wine Lessons

Get over 5 hours of Italian wine lessons via video with insider Tony Margiotta. Learn how to read Italian wine labels and how to shop for hidden gems on your own. 

This is a NOT a "wine club"

You see advertisements all the time that go something like this:

Typical Wine Club Ad

"You are paying too much for your wine. We get our wines directly from the wineries, cut out all the middlemen and pass the savings on to you. Pay just 5 dollars a bottle from our selection of world class wines with 90-points." 

Yeah right. 

If it sounds too good to be true, then it's not true.

That's a wine club that wants to sell you cheap wine. Do you think they are selling you cheap wine for free? They want to make money just like everyone else. Besides drinking junk, you won't learn anything about wine and you won't learn anyting about your own palate.

The Hidden Gems Club does NOT sell you wine.

We are an advisory service for Italian wine enthusiasts who are looking for unbiased recommendations. 

Get instant access to Hidden Gems Club now!

Become a member now and taste the soul of Italy in your glass. Velvety textures. Mouthwatering flavors. Thought-provoking finishes.  

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What our members are saying:

Fantastic experience!

Tony knows more about wine and grapes than anyone I've ever met. I picked up some great buying tips, found a new wine crush, and had a great time. Definitely recommend!

DANA MOORE  //  Designer

a wonderful, eye-opening introduction to Italian wines...

In all honesty, I expected to get a hard sell of expensive wines at the end of it. Instead, Tony provided us with a list of local places in which we can buy them at affordable prices.

MARC JACOBS  //  Business Analyst

Insider Membership Overview

We want you to be "in the know" when it comes to Italian wines. We know that drinking a Brunello or Barolo everyday is not realistic. But you want to drink exceptional Italian wines as often as possible. That's why you need to help find the "hidden gems." As an Insider Member, you reap the benefits of hidden gem picks and wine courses. This will give you a complete experience of tasting and education


Hidden Gem Picks: Every year, 12 hidden gems are selected that must adhere to strict quality and character guidelines. We don't believe in point scores. Wine is not a math game. 


Starter Wines: Tasting a broad range of the industrial Italian wines Italy offers is important. You get to taste the characteristics of Italian varietals and create a reference point. That way, when you taste artisanal versions of Italian varietals, you'll appreciate them even more. You get 10 starter wines annually. These are wines that average around $15 or less. Think of them as honorable mentions in a competition. 


Wine Courses: Included in your Insider Membership, you'll recieve over 5 hours of video lessons taught by Tony Margiotta. The course teaches you how to read Italian wine labels so you can identify quality, value, and flavor profile before you buy. And he'll teach you how to do it even if you can't read Italian!

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Tony Margiotta //  Founder and Author

I founded the Hidden Gems Club for Italian wine enthusiasts who want to drink well at everyday prices. The club came into being as a result of my book, Hidden Gems of Italy. Readers of the book kept asking me to help them find the authentic Italian wines I describe in the book. For people who might not have the time to go browsing for hidden gems, the club gets you sipping on them in no time and with zero effort. 

Let's support small Italian producers, let's support eco-friendly agriculture, and let's enjoy the hidden gems of Italy together. 

Tony Margiotta

Join Over 900 Members

The Best Time to Start Tasting The Best Wines of Italy is Now!

You can go on buying mass-market wines that are loaded with chemicals and lack character, or you can buy artisanal Italian wines made with top-class quality. As a member, all the browsing work will be done for you. You'll get 12 hidden gem picks, the best of the best in the $15-30 range. These are under-the-radar Italian wines that adhere to the Hidden Gem Formula. Click to get started below!

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Tony Margiotta

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