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Italian Province Map

Did you read about the Map Technique in the book? This is a secret way to find hidden gem Italian wines. Download a large map of all the provinces in Italy. Use it as a reference every time you have a bottle of Italian wine in your hands. You'll begin to notice qualities about wines from a certain province so you know what to expect before you buy! 

Italian Regions Map

Knowing which region an Italian wine comes from helps you organize the different types of Italian wines in your mind. You'll also notice certain flavors and qualities differ from one region to another. Eventually you might favor some regional wines over others. Your next hidden gem might be in Basilicata or Veneto! Who knows where your journey through Italian wine will lead you? Download a large map of all the regions in Italy. Use it as a reference every time you have a bottle of Italian wine in your hands. 

34 Italian Wine Words You Should Know (video)

How can you shop intelligently for your next Italian wine? Start by learning 34 Italian words. Listen to Tony Margiotta pronounce the words and you repeat. You can't find your next hidden gem if you can't read wine labels. Start now!

Italian Provinces List

It's not sexy, but you can download a spreadsheet of all the provinces of Italy based on region. The main point of this spreadsheet is to see the two-letter code that corresponds to each province. Many Italian labels will only list the two-letter code indicating the province. So you'll need this reference sheet once in a while. 

How To Pronounce The Wine Regions of Italy in Italian! (video)

One of the first things you should about Italian wines are Italy's 20 regions. Learn these Italian wine regions and learn how to pronounce them in Italian with Tony Margiotta. Learning Italy's 20 regions is a necessity if you want to drink well!

Your First Hidden Gem

Castellucci Miano Nero d'Avola 2015

Production: 50,000 bottles annual

Classification: Terre Siciliane IGT

Varietal: 100% Nero d'Avola

Hand-Selected Grapes

Sustainable Agriculture 

Stores that carry this hidden gem:

Royal Wine Merchants - (order online or call)


Rochambeau Wines (you will need to call store to order)


Schneiders of Capital Hill Wines (online or call to order)


Castellucci Miano Nero d'Avola

Our list of Starter Wines is our attempt to answer a simple question when looking for Italian wine recommendations: "Where do I go first?" If you're a new Hidden Gems Club member, you can go to your Starter Wines List so you can create a reference point for yourself. These wines are the good Italian wines made by large producers at very low prices. Some of them you will enjoy, some you won't. But you should taste them and compare them to the Hidden Gems recommendations so you can taste the difference between two of the same wine types but one made by a large winery and the other a small winery. 

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