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So you want to cut to the chase. Which Italian wine is the best? You have 3 ways to get your answer.

  • I could give you my personal favorite Italian wines. These are the ones I think are best.
  • I could give you a list of what the majority of wine experts think is the best Italian wine.
  • Or, I can give you a few simple steps you can take to figure which Italian wine is the best for you.

Many more tips can be found in Hidden Gems of Italy.

The Best Italian Wine Might Not Be What You Think

With conflict of interest aside, the best Italian wines are based on opinion.

Wine is not a math score.

The Only Book That Teaches You
How To Buy Italian Wine Like An Expert


The Best Italian Wine

The best Italian wine is a pleasurable feeling that affects your senses in that moment. That moment, stuck in time, may never happen again. So you’ll have to find another “best” Italian wine to fulfill that desire. And you will.

So which Italian wine is the best???

If I tell you which Italian wines I think are best, it would be like telling you the finale to a movie that you haven’t seen yet. So I won’t.

If I tell you which Italian wines the experts think are best, you won’t be surprised. You can find them in every generic wine book and generic wine website that covers Italian wines for two seconds.

So you’re giving up. Which Italian wine is the best? 

Don’t give up. I’m about to paint 3 broad brush strokes to Italian wine so you can figure out which Italian wine is best for you.

which italian wine is best

3 Broad Types Of Italian Wine

1.  Cheap Italian wines 

$10 Chianti and Pinot Grigio at your local wine shops. There are thousands of $10 bottles of Italian wine. These are mass-produced, industrially made Italian wines. The same brands can be found at almost any store you go to. And they are not limited to Chianti and Pinot Grigio.

2.  Mid range Italian wines. $15 - $30 retail

In this group, you’ll still find mass-produced, industrially made wines of the same quality as the $10 group. But, this range is also the range where you can find “value wines.” A value wine is a bottle between $15-$30 that tastes like $40, $45, and even $50. We have a nickname for these “value wines.” We call them “hidden gems.”

3.  Luxury Italian Wines

These are Italian wines that retail for $40 and up. Italian wines like Barolo, Barbaresco, and Brunello di Montalcino are found in the luxury range along with many other rare Italian wines.

Best Italian Wine For Everyday

The reason I want you to figure out which is the best Italian for you, is because your tastes might be different than mine. And what’s the best for you today, might not be the best for you a year from now. Our tastes change as we get older.  Our taste preferences also change as we taste more and more different Italian wines.

If you are looking for the best Italian wine that you can drink on a daily or weekly basis, you should focus your attention on number 2. It’s very unlikely you’ll find a wine from the luxury category under $40 that tastes like an $80 bottle retail. Equally so, a $10 bottle that tastes like $20 would cause me to question its authenticity. When you’re dealing with mass-production wineries that produce millions of bottles per year, a lot of chemical intervention would be required to make a wine that tastes consistent and drinkable.

So now we know which Italian wine is best, i.e. hidden gems in the $15-30 range that taste double the price. But we need a simple system to break down how we buy Italian wine. You need to learn how to browse and shop for Italian wine because there are too many choices. 


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Learn How To Find The Best Italian Wine

There is only one book out there that covers this challenge of finding the best Italian wine at the best price. It’s called Hidden Gems of Italy: An Insider’s Secret Formula To Find Top-Class Italian Wines At Value Prices And Taste La Dolce Vita. You should get your copy now so you can find your first hidden gem this weekend.


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Learn How To Buy Italian Wine!

If you want to learn how to buy the best Italian wines in the $15-$30 range, you should get a copy now of Hidden Gems of Italy: An Insider’s Secret Formula To Find Top-Class Italian Wines At Value Prices And Taste La Dolce Vita. The book has something for everyone from novice to expert.


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